The holy quest to realize the Tenth Master’s words

The holy quest to realize the Tenth Master’s words

Baru Sahib dedicates Akal University ‘Guru ki Kashi’ to Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji

The Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji, after sacrificing his four young sons (Sahibzadas) for the Khalsa Panth and blessing the 40 liberated ones (chali Muktey) at Muktsar, reached Talwandi Sabo and untied his waistband (Kamarkassa) and thereby the name Damdama (breathing or resting place). It was here that Guru Gobind Singh Ji on refusal by Dhir Mal, to handover the text of Granth Sahib. He recited from memory the entire text of Granth Sahib with his own ‘lotus lips’. And Bhai Mani Singh penned down in nine months.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji also set about teaching Gurmukhi to the Sikhs, correct pronunciation (Santhya). And he also made revelation of Gurbani to the common masses. One day, as per divine order, he began sharpening reeds. He also threw these into the pond (Sarovar) and declared, “This is Guru-Kashi and will emerge in future as a great center of divine learning. Here even the thick-witted will be transformed into scholars. The divine message of universal peace and brotherhood taught by the Gurus will spread across the world.’’

At Talwandi Sabo itself, the ever-knowing Tenth Master had then blessed this region in an interaction with Bhai Dalla; That the place will have canals flowing. But at that time it was a sandy desert area. It will have lots of farms of mangoes, grapes and oranges. But it also was full of wild shrubs. It will have fields full of wheat crops, although wild bushes and grass were visible all around at that time.

Such was the Master’s conviction that he proclaimed that Gursikhs in future will see it themselves. He has also realized these blessings of canals, fruits and wheat crops. As per divine order, three out of the four blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji had been realized: Today, Rivers and canals are flowing, Fields are yielding huge wheat crops and the region is full of farms of mangoes, grapes and oranges. Let us all contribute generously by performing Sewa wholeheartedly, physically as well as financially, to earn the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. (Tenth Master’s words)

Not only this, but also the following……..

VIRTUE TO VICTORY Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh’s Life


The holy quest to realize the Tenth Master’s words

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