Home affairs

Home affairs 

You are moving into a new home or renovating your existing space. It is an investment you make each time and you definitely want it to last. Mood setting is popular these days when choosing your interior shades. Pastels like baby blue and pale pink along with warm hues of copper, rose gold, chrome and the bold gray and navy are trending. You may choose to paint seldom and not go by season. Wood is undoubtedly the king of all furniture materials but a close second this season is mixed metal. The fetish for costly wooden furniture among Indian buyers is a never ending love. But if keeping with the trends is what you wish to do, look for metallic stuff. Getting more sophisticated and fun, brass and gold will bring that much-needed little sparkle in home fixtures and décor. Skip the gloom inside and turn your eyes to shine inside. Where art, artists, emotions and creativity thrive, the unusual piece of indigenous work always finds a place. Attached to childhood memories? Like things that last long? Go for handmade pottery and artwork.

A beautiful picture on the wall will only be admired when set under perfect lights. And now there are lights that set the mood, illuminate as much as required, last longer, stay relatively cool. And save energy. LED lights are your rooms’ must-haves. A cramming for space, getting utility furniture and making smart storage is of utmost importance. Of course there is a trick or two, keeping more white walls, open spaces and de-cluttering now and then works. But you do need to make space for those hoards of clothes, tons of crockery and loads of books you own. Mostly go for wall fittings if you don’t need to think of a change of residence in the near future. Curtains make or break an interior. Either you go for them or blinds for an office-cum-home section, do keep the wall colour in mind.


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Home affairs

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