The character and personality o a young boy or girl is moulded not only by the influence of is or her parents or guardian at home, but also by the example set by the teachers with whom he or she comes daily into close contact at school. An ideal teacher not only imparts to his pupils knowledge for which he must have deep scholarship, he should also be a humble and unassuming person proving that true knowledge gives a person humility. No teacher can deserve that name unless he has true love for his students. It is this love more than knowledge that forms the vital bond between the teacher and the taught. I may say without the least hesitation that our headmaster embodies all these features essential to the constitution of an ideal teacher. All the students of our school look up to him as their friend, philosopher and guide. They approach him not only for enlightenment on academic points, they also seek his wise and well-considered advice when faced with personal or domestic problems. It is sad to note that the breed of such noble teachers is fast becoming a thing of the past. Teaching is becoming just another profession, nothing more than a livelihood. Let us only hope that before it is too late, our teachers would become once more aware of their sacred responsibility to the society and the society also accords to the teachers the respect and material security that they need and deserve to carry on with their task of turning out ideal citizens on whom the country would have to rely in future.

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