If a tree could speak it would tell us things that would shock us. It would say ‘ouch’ if one of us poked a pin into a leaf on one of its branches. It would scream with pain if we were cruel enough to break one of its twigs or branches. Its flowers would gasp piteously if we plucked them off, and so would every leaf on the tree if smoke from a nearby chemical factory were to blow continuously across it.

Jagdish Chandra Bose has proved that trees have life just as do animals and humans. Hence, if trees had the power of speech they would express themselves in much the same way as we do. Leaves would talk about the coming on of winter and their impending death. Tree trunks would boast to one another about how old they are and how experienced. Fruits would tell stories about their childhood. Branches would talk about the visits they have had from their insect, bird and animal friends.  I am sure that if the trees had power of speech then they would talk of the pleasures of summer and the thrill they feel as the cool breezes blow through them. they would speak of the wonder of being alive and being so much a part of beautiful nature. They would definitely not deign to speak of the multiple uses they provide to all living creatures. Trees are too generous to boast of their utility to al living beings.

But most of all, trees would complain about their bitter enemy – man. They would tell of the countless murders of many trees he has committed. They would discuss fiercely his thoughtlessness in uprooting trees so that he might build houses for himself. They would curse him and say they would never forgive him for refusing to consider them as living entities like him. Even if trees cannot speak, poets, environmentalists and scientists have told us what their needs are, what their usefulness is and how animate they are. It is for us to stop and listen to nature.

As the poet Kilamer has said, so eloquently:

‘Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree’.

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