To ​​Goa: how lavish, equally drunk

Indralok  to ​​Goa: how lavish, equally drunk

Lavish ​​Goa equally drunk

There were two days left for Goa-migration. On the third day, we had to depart for Pune. Then the same way, the mountain climbing from where we came down! The same long dug of eight hours …! We decided that we will now be resting, exercising and enjoying, we will not go anywhere beyond the sea.

On the evening of the evening we returned from Sweet Lake, a Sudarshan couple became our neighbors on the second day. Ten to ten and a half ten in the morning will be ringing. We came back from the sea shore. I was sitting on the outside sofa, when the couple checked-in. Bhurraq were both whites! While entering my cot right next to me, both of them saw me and said two words with a sweet smile – ‘Good morning!’ I also responded politely. They kept their luggage in Ranbasere and headed towards the beach. I’m storing up in my place. They were both Sudarshan – of the good and the fierce stature, of the ninety-nine. The skin of both of them wants to get rid of redness like blood. The young woman had done a decent dress rather than other foreign daughters and looked very attractive. They went on blowing cigarette smoke. Waiting for tea I was sitting at my place. After an hour, both of them returned. By then the tea had been drunk and was in control of its real food, a bay leaf.

Then, after hearing the footsteps, I raised my head, saw that they were the couple. They gave me a sweet smile after seeing me. I asked smile – ‘How do you like the beach?’

The young man said – “No do not, beach is beautiful!” I tasted – ‘Yes, it’s osm!’ At that time the girl said, ‘Yes, Aasam … Aasam!’ But I felt the lack of ease in the English accent of both of them. I asked curiously – ‘Have you were?’ The man answered the question – ‘Russia, and you?’ In response, I called myself as an Indian. The question was made by the young man, while answering, I should have been face to face with him, but my vision remained stable on the face of the girl, she was really beautiful. What a great deal someone has got from their respective leaders! … Then only the man said something in his own language and both of them went into their foliage, I got constricted. The limitations were lengthening, but it was very unfortunate that even the younger daughter gave a curfew in hand – ‘Please, do not talk to mach, papa!’ The daughter’s sentence raised my suspicion, but how did the person like me remain silent? I told the daughter – ‘I did not say anything, son!’ The thing was started by those people, Do not say, keep quiet? ” Betty took silence. Now I saw my nip paan, whose one side was suppressed by a box of betel nut and felt dried on it. I was waiting for myself, too, Pan also, seeing her, I thought, I have given a foot on the core of my eyes ….

Then, for twenty-four hours, no one talked to Baiggir and unnecessary complications started to dissolve in the mind, while there was no such thing in my hindered vision, which came in the category of objectionable. Sometimes it happens and not you get attracted by seeing a charming floral, object, sight or person, becomes stagnant in the state of hypnosis. The look of that girl was only so that when my eyesight was noticed, she got frustrated. There was nothing other than innate hypnosis in that vision. Yes, I agree, I lost my sense of goodness, at that moment! But that was only such a lesser kusum – the rosary Gulab-si Sukomala Virgo …!

Goa Farewell to Flesh

Lavish ​​Goa equally drunk


Lavish ​​Goa equally drunk


Lavish ​​Goa equally drunk

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