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In this century, technology is omnipresent in our lives. With a boom in the technology sector, it is proving to be a lucrative career opportunity for students. They are in the juncture to pass out from school. And, they are considering various aspects for their future career option. Keeping the trend in mind, information Technology and Computer Science Engineering are the two most popular courses. And both the degrees can lead to similar jobs. But, students can fall in confusion between these two fields because of the lack of the understanding of the minute differences and similarities between the two engineering streams. So, aspirants should also be well aware of their own interests and in the area they would like to make their career. Or, which stream do they think will ensure a better future for them. An IT career involves installing, organizing and maintaining computer systems as well as designing and operating networks and databases. So, Computer science engineering is focused entirely on efficiently programming computers using mathematical algorithms. Both of these careers have excellent growth potential and high salaries.

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Information Technology deals with installation, development and implementation of computer systems and applications. Under this stream, students learn the following: Data Structures and Algorithms, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Computer Communication and Networking, Database Systems, Internet Technologies and Applications, Software Engineering etc. Career options after B.Tech in Information Technology are good. IT Specialists are necessary in almost all range of employment fields such as finance, arts, medicine, defense, and other areas. Many opportunities are also available in various It firms all over India. Some of the leading IT Companies are Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, HCL Infotech, IBM, etc. So, these professionals can get jobs in many public sector firms. Some of the leading public sector firms are BSNL, ISRO, CDIT, CDAC, etc. in general, IT professionals need to stay abreast of new technology, and they must be very familiar with how to use operating systems and server software, including Linux, Apache, OpenSSL, Windows Server, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. It jobs are expected to increase by a huge percentage over the next few years, with salaries ranging going up, depending on experience and level of education.

Computer Science Engineering –

 Computer Science engineering deals with design, implementation, and management of information system of both software and hardware processes. A computer scientist specializes in theory of computation and design of computational systems. The engineers are mainly involved in the development of software and hardware systems. So, the engineers not only focus on how computers work but also integrate into larger scheme of things. As a result, Students can work in database management, IT, embedded systems, telecommunication, computer hardware and software implementation, and maintenance, multimedia, web designing, gaming, and almost all other industries in this sector.


The processor or CPU is the brains of the laptop or computer

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