Innovative education Need of the hour

Innovative education Need of the hour

A teacher plays a vital role in establishing a sound education system in a country. There have been a great number of change in education systems worldwide recently.

With the changes, new expectation have appeared towards our education system. To make learning more interesting, there is a need for teachers to be innovative. And only then can they move from the Chalk and Talk system to a more engaging and technology led system of teaching. Innovation in Education is the need of the hour. Educational institutions need to teach their students how to gain information. Teachers have to go beyond the speech mode and help their learners in a holistic way so that it improves and enriches the educational experience. Technology has taken its grip on almost every sector in the country. Easy availability of smartphones has  made the world a smaller place. 

There is also a trend to imbibe practical skills in students. The most important skill in students. The most important skill necessary for students is to enhance the ability to grasp relevant and updated information which can be turned into knowledge. By introducing and continuing to train the students in skills and using more effective assessment techniques, the teacher can improve lifelong learning skills of student and make them exert learners.

Today, the main focus of education should be to make the students expert learners. Taking into consideration the global education scenario and its effect on the commercial world, more emphasis is required to be put on broadening the outlook of the students. Bringing awareness through holistic curriculum and education should be the focus area of every educational institution.

Innovative education Not only this, but also the following……

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI)

Innovative education Not only this, but also the following……


Innovative education Not only this, but also the following……


Innovative education

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