21st June

Make Yoga a part of life, keep mind and body free from strife!!

After intensive research, Naturoveda Health World has classified Yoga into seven categories in accordance to different diseases. From today till 25th June, visit any clinic of Naturoveda and avail our Therapeutic Yoga Chart absolutely free of cost.

  • TWACHAVEDIC YOGATM – Twacha Vedic Yoga helps in detoxification of the blood and elimination of impurities from the body, thereby resolving many skin-related problems from the root.

  • SANDHIVEDIC YOGATM – By practicing Sandhi Vedic Yoga, one can get rid of both chronic and acute joint pain and various other complications of the joints.

  • MANOVEDIC YOGATM – Through Manovedic Yoga, many complex psychological problems get solved. It helps to remove stress and anxiety, thus filling life with joy. Along with this, it cures serious diseases such as psychological issues.

  • UDARAVEDIC YOGATM – Udaravedic Yoga helps in treating several gastrointestinal ailments like constipation, excessive gas formation, hyperacidity and other associated maladies.

  • AROGYAVEDIC YOGATM – Arogyavedic Yoga helps to improve general blood circulation and rejuvenate the entire body, thus ensuring gradual eradication of disease.

  • KAMAVEDIC YOGATM – Kamavedic Yoga is imenesely beneficial in revitalizing the cells and infusing fresh energy into the body. It fills the physical and mental aspects of the body with fresh zeal and vitality.

  • OJAVEDIC YOGA TM – Ojavedic Yoga boosts the immune system, thus helping it to combat diseases effectively.

    International Day of Yoga IS commonly and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day. People celebrate annually on 21 June since its inception in 2015. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his UN address suggested the date of 21 June, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. And he shares special significance in many parts of the world.

Not only this, but also the following…………….



Ayurveda, Unani and Yoga can help resolve various chronic and complicated diseases from the root


Yoga: Emancipation of Soul

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