Revenge of jackals

Revenge of jackals
Author: Om Prakash Kshatriya “Prakash”

Once upon a time, a jackal lived in a forest. He got disturbed with hunger and reached the village. He saw a hen in there. So, he pressed him in the mouth and went into the shade of a tree and started eating it.

There was a Crow Crow on the tree. Seeing him, the water came in the mouth of the crow, “Oh, fresh chicken, let us also eat the bread.”

A lot of cries came from hearing her voice. Then all started doing Kanchako. A rural stopped by listening to their ‘Kove-Kaanv’. Thinking ‘there is something there’, he came under the tree, where the jackal was comfortably eating fresh chicken.

He said, “Oh, this is killing our chicken and eating chicken”, he said to the other villagers. Many villagers gathered from this. Then all of them beat and killed Siyar from there.

As soon as Zair went, Crow started blowing chickens with his colleagues.

Seeing this, Sierra got very angry. Because of the Crow, his delicious food was missed, while Crow was eating his tasty chicken with his colleagues. Sierra made the mind of taking revenge from Crow and his other companions. ‘It will teach a lesson.’ Siyar got a chance to get revenge too soon

It was a time that once the water was frozen. Drains of poops are drenched with water They started shivering from the cold. Then Sial looked at Crow and said, “Crow brother! You can stay in my cave to avoid rain.”

“Oh no, brother, brother, this will trouble you.” The crew said.

“The problem of kahai! My cave is very big, you can live comfortably.”

Crow was shivering from the cold and his companions were upset too. They accepted the advice of the jackal. All 30 coops, along with Crow, started living in the cavern’s cave.

But, one night suddenly 10 crows were reduced. Then Crow asked Seyar, “Siyar brother, today our 10 companions are not being seen? What’s the matter?”

On this, Sierra said, “They left the cave at night and went away.”

“But why? They did not tell us?” Crow was hopeful

“They said that we can do our own work, you do not want to become a burden, so they went somewhere in the night.” Seyar hiding reality Siyar had killed and killed ten of them on last night.

Crow and other crows came in the jackal of the jackal. A few days later, 10 koows were reduced.

“This time too have 10 crows reduced?” Crow asked Siyar if he said, “10 koices came to me at night, they were saying that we are missing a lot of our 10 companions, we are going to take them back, saying that 10 koices They only went to take them. “

Crow was told that the innocence of the jackal was correct, it was correct. He agreed to the point of view, whereas the reality was that the cunning jackal had again killed 10 koas at night and quietly had eaten it.

All the nights were sleeping quietly the next night. Cunning Siyar killed the remaining 10 cows that same night.

In this way Cunning Siyar had taken revenge for his humiliation with clever forces.

[Based on folk tales of ‘Ho’ tribe of Orissa and West Bengal. The dialect of this tribe comes under the ‘Collarian’ language group.]

– Om Prakash Kshatriya Prakash

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