A journey towards success marked by gold

A journey towards success  marked by gold

Early trade in spics, gems, cotton and silk cloth, and metal objects of various kinds helped make ancient India wealthy. Weaved into the cultural fabric of the country  is the festival of dhanteras, as is the custom of Buying gold. Let’s dig a bit deep.

A child usually finds a shiny rock in a creek, thousand of years ago. “Gold is where you find it,’’ so the saying goes. And gold was first discovered in its natural state , in streams all over the world. No doubt it was the first metal of early hominids. Gold became a part of every human culture. Its brilliance, natural beauty, luster, and its great malleability and resistance to tarnish made it enjoyable to work and play with.

“The Indians have an enormous amount of gold,’’ says Pausania the periegets, writing in the second century A.D. They had local supplies, but a major source was the Roman Empire. Half of the money expended on Oriental luxuries by the Romans may have  remained in Arabia. Whereas the rest went to India. India is a land to possess, an almost magical capacity to oak up precious metals. The Romans imported spices and precious metals in exchange of gold. Added to this were the famous gold mines in Kolar an Hutti in Karnataka. There was a good demand in Ancient Roman Empire for Indian goods which lead to drain of gold into India.

Abdul Razzaq Samaraqandi is a Persian chronicler and Islamic Scholar. And he mentions that the people of Hampi were extremely fond of roses and jewelers. According to Razzaq, they sold pearls, emeralds and diamonds.

The Samantha temple possessed enormous volumes of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious. It was  this immense volume of wealth that attracted Mahmud of Ghazni to invade this temple and to plunder upon all the wealth. This Dhanteras make also sure you usher in the prosperity as your journey to success is marked with gold.

journey towards success Not only this, but also the following………

Training Young Minds- WAY TO SUCCESS

journey towards success Not only this, but also the following………


journey towards success Not only this, but also the following………


journey towards success

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