There were the days when the child had to simply be content with the cot or a small bed, in a shabby and bland room. The  need to foster the imagination of the child and to hone creativity from a young age becomes imperative. So, it is also important that you as a parent think of unique ways to touch up your child’s room.

Fairy tales have been the mainstay for all children and stories of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk. And a host of other characters are never out of fashion for kids. Even characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Popeye, among your child’s room keeping in mind any of these stories or characters, or the one’s liked by your child. Wall motifs, paintings, and even flooring carpets and bed sheets can be used accordingly.

Coming to the beds, you can fashion it in the form of a car for the son or a cozy pink four-poster for the daughter; even bunker beds for both the kids. And then you can have the head board in the form of blue waves, or a bar of chocolate; and the four-poster bed can have the posts as shoots and barks of trees. Kids also like climbing onto the bed, and so a higher one with a block of steps to ascend looks grand!

You can set the room to a particular theme as well. For example, the solar system ignites your child’s interest in science. There are plenty of glowing fluorescent stars and planets available, which can be stuck on the ceiling and walls, and glow in the dark. The child can look them and sleep in peace, marveling at the possibilities of space beyond the window. Or a scaled model of the solar system which can be hung from the ceiling in which the planets go around the sun when you switch on the fan.

Similarly, room customization is required when it comes to your child’s preferences. If your daughter loves Barbie dolls, you can create her room in the form of a fairytale castle or a doll house and accessorize it accordingly. All the linen can be colour coded, say pink. Or for your son, you can have a mine painting of a jeep and have the room colour coded brown, besides having a few model cars placed around the room. You can even leave some wall space empty for the child to paint and colour on; or if you have marble furnishings, these can be used to scribble on with a chalk.

When you are designing your child’s room, also look into the fact that you will have to have plenty of space to store clothes, toys and books. Look for innovative furniture which couples as a storge facility. Say a hydraulic bed which when open from th hinges, affords a lot of space underneath for storage.

Also functionality aside, look to the décor of the room when you’re thinking of storage space. Say a nice colourful furniture pieces hosts a table and chair for reading. But it has also different drawers on top, used  for keeping books, stationery, toys and the like. You can even have a string of alphabets stuck across the drawers, for the child to read and absorb. Most importantly, when you are looking for storage furniture, make sure that it has lots and lots of space, even vertical space for hanging clothes.

Moving on, don’t compromise on the lighting and appeal of the room as well. Buy lights which are unique, and different, which enhance the feel of the room. Strobe lights do well in kids’ rooms. Make the bathroom child friendly too. Say for example lights which open and close automatically on entry and exit.

So here’s to a bright and homely room filled with warmth for your child!

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