King chandrasena story

King chandrasena story

It was a matter of old time. There was a king and the name was Chandraseen. His queen was of great harsh nature. Raja Chandrasena could not speak anything further to her. Her daily new demands were needed, and the king had to fulfill it. By his demand, not only the King but also the people were very upset.

Once, the Queen made a very strange case before the king. It gave the king’s senses the queen said that she should build a palace in which only the birds have wings. Now the king explained the queen very much. But she did not accept the king. Soon the queen became angry and left the food and agreed to give up life.

Now the King was troubling and wondering what to do, because in order to build such a palace, he had to kill the untimely birds which he did not like at all. But what could be done also, so he asked his minister to take our message to Pariraj That the king is missing.

As soon as Pariraj received the message, she realized that it has come a lot, because she had given an idea of ​​the trouble that was coming. So she told the minister that to tell the king, we are now busy in any urgent work and in the court Come on.

In a little while the bird kingdom was present in the king’s court. Then the king asked him because he came late, he told that all the birds were counting in the state that in our state men are more or women. Then the king asked what was the result Let’s tell you again. According to my calculation, the number of women in the state is high. But the king said how can it be according to our calculations men are more and women can not be less then more than equal. On this Pariraj said, Maharaj, we have also calculated the men in women who consider the proper inappropriate demands of their women. 
The king was ashamed to hear it. And he did not talk about the palace from PariRAJ. And he also stopped the attention of the queen and did not pay attention.


King chandrasena story

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King chandrasena story

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King chandrasena story

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