The hunger for power is universal. We generally identify power with physical strength. Thus, tiger is physically more powerful than man. But man, though physically much weaker, is more powerful than a tiger or any other ferocious animal. This is because he has knowledge. In the primitive age man was a helpless creature on earth. He was afraid not only of the wild animals but also of various natural calamities like flood, earthquake, violent storm etc. He did not have knowledge to understand why these things happened. He could not save himself from such disasters. But with the passage of time man gathered knowledge. And knowledge gave him power not only to tame wild animals but also to control wild nature. In the present age progress in the field of science and technology determines supremacy of nations. Knowledge gives man power to fly to the moon. It gives him power to destroy a whole nation with the help of a single atomic bomb. It gives him the God-like power to create test tube babies and even to create a similar living creature by cloning. It has given him the power to establish instant communication with any part of the globe with the help of satellites. Thus, knowledge is the source of the enormous power man now enjoys. It should however, be tempered by wisdom so that it does not tempt man to indulge in evil and destructive activities.

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