Korean Delights

Korean Delights

If shopping and food gets you going, travelling around the happy hubs in  Korea can be your best way to unwind.

A visit to Korea is incomplete without you indulging in a world class shopping experience. It is usually topped by dabbing in culinary delights which would cater to all your different taste buds. Rightly, head to the Myeongdong commercial area (dong is a neighbourhood in Korea) to shop among the topmost brands in the world, which have set shop here. The area is synonymous with popular brands like H&M, Zara, Nike and UNIQLO, among many others, which occupy a lot of retail space, sometimes running into many stores of the same brand dotting the neighbourhood. An added bonus is the Lotte Department store, which house several floors of duty free shopping where you can literally shop till you drop. It is also so huge!

And this is not all. Head to the Dongdaemun market, which is the Mecca of domestic Korean fashion. Much of the local retail stores in Seoul sources their wares from Dongdaemun. And you can directly pay the market a visit to avail of some of the latest fashion accessories on offer. And you can also create your own fashion statement.

Moreover, the Dongdaemun night market also operates from 9 p.m. till 2 a.m. in the morning; a night of blissful shopping! And before you fret about stepping out late in the night, there is absolutely nothing to fear; it is among the safest, crime-free shopping zones in the world.

Now all this shopping would have definitely made you hungry. Because, Korea specializes in seafood. Add to that meat grilled on the table before your, to boiling hot stews, to chillies and pickles, Korean food is a literal love affair.

South Korea abounds in specialities of its own. Take the Chilli Pickled Cabbage Kimchi. Or barbecued meat known as Bulgogi. These quintessential South Korean mainstays would frequently find themselves on your plate. The Daeji Bulgogi, prepared with strips of pork, is also a famous preparation. Overall, a visit to Seoul would surely open upon up not only your purse strings, but your taste buds as well! Korean Delights. 

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