“Life is real, life is earnest and the grave is not its goal,” whosoever has said this line has spoken the fact of life. There is absolutely no doubt that life would be dull if there were no difficulties. It is the struggle that is important, not the result. This truth has been stated in Bhagwat Geeta as well. Karma or duty is the most important thing. And in the path of karma or duty difficulties are bound to come.

This can be better seen with the help of few examples. A person who is poor and lacks in resources struggles hard. He is ambitious. He has a goal to achieve. He works in the daytime and studies at night. He leads a disciplined life. And he achieves success. He feels rewarded. His difficulties are meaningful and he relishes his success. On the other hand, there another boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is rich. All his needs are fulfilled. Since he is already rich, he has not made ambitions. He has not set any goal seriously. He hardly understands the meaning of success and failure. Naturally his life is dull. His life is plain. There are no ups and downs in his life. Therefore, the difficulties in life are the stuff and interesting life is made of. One the other hand, lack of difficulties in life make for a dull life.

Difficulties may come in several forms. It can be physical or mental. At the level of mental difficulties there can be tension and worries, shock and surprise. At the physical level it can be lack of resources and amenities, illness and disease etc. But whatever be the form of the difficulties, it is an individual’s determination that plays a major role in overcoming it. This is the will-power. Stronger the will-power of an individual, the greater will be his ability to overcome the difficulties. The constant interplay of will and determination against the difficulties makes the life interesting and meaningful.

It is the law of nature to present difficulties in the path of those willing and desiring success. The greater will be the struggle and the enjoyment of the reward associated with success. The life of most of the common men is dull because they have no story to tell of their success. Every one is interested in hearing the stories related to “ragas to riches.” Dhirubhai Ambani, the great business tycoon started his life as a minor employee at a petrol pump, but in a matter of two decades he built and enviable business record. His life was full of difficulties but he struggled against those odds to emerge successful. Had he not struggled against difficulties, his life would have remained dull, boring and without anything interesting, like millions of other fellow-men. Therefore, life indeed would be dull if there were no difficulties.

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