1. A kind hearted old lady saw a little girl standing in the park crying.

‘What’s the matter, dear?’ She asked.

Rheumatism, was the unexpected reply.

Rheumatism? Exclaimed the old lady. ‘At your age?’

‘No,’ sobbed the little girl, ‘I can’t spell it!’

  1. Snake-charmer : ‘Be careful with that trunk, porter. It contains a ten-foot snake’.

Porter: ‘You can’t kid me snakes don’t have any feet’.

  1. Helpful passerby : ‘Are you lost?’

Stranger: ‘No, I’m here. It’s the railway station that’s lost’.

  1. Ram was given two apples, a small one and large one, by his mother. ‘Share them with your sister’, she said.

So Ram gave the small one to his little sister and started eating the large one.

‘Look!’ said his sister. If Mom had given them to me I’d have given you the large one and had the small one myself’ .

‘Well’, said Ram, that’s what you’ve got so what are you worrying about?

  1. Man in clothes shop : ‘Can I try on that blue suit in the window?’

Manager : ‘No, Sir, you’ll have to use the changing-room like everyone else’.

  1. ‘My uncle’s got a wooden leg’.

‘That’s nothing. My aunty’s got wooden chest’.

  1. It’s gone forever gone forever, I tell you!

What has?


  1. ‘Do the buses run on time ?’

Usually yes.

‘No, they don’t. They run on wheels’.

  1. Krish was telling his friend about his holiday in Switzerland. His friend had never been there, and asked, ‘What did you think of the scenery?’

‘Oh, I couldn’t see much, ’Krish admitted. There were all those mountains in the way’.


Campbell’s Magnolia is a magnificent snow-white tree. It grows in the hill sides of the Eastern Himalayas from Nepal to Manipur at 2100-3000m. This beautiful tree is leafless when in bloom in April. It has white, fragrant, goblet shaped flowers 15-25cm across. The yellowish-white wood presents a beautiful color in paneling.

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