Living in a time where it’s all about mind over matter and proud display of mental strength. Simple hopes and heart’s desires struggle to find a place. But born as humans are with innate qualities that help in getting to their true calling, suppressing this soul craving becomes an exceptional task with dimming possibilities of burying it as years pass by. While it is in search of happiness that people sharpen their skills, enjoy position and wield power, eliminating the role of ‘the ways of the heart’ holds them back from being content. So ‘love’ though the most-cherished, most-expressed and most-celebrated emotion of all,  is often given a tragic hero worship for failing to achieve what the seven cardinal sins may do for a brief period of time and at the initial stages of any quest. But hurdles that love overcome make a greater impact and give a sweeter taste to the victory. And like all things attained after a long struggle, the results last longer. So it’s time that we appreciate love’s labour that brings in the gains. Elevated Indian philosophies talk about the emotion to world leaders taking a stance against spreading terror. One of William Shakespeare’s early comedies Love’s Labour’s Lost to the contemporary movie mush on Valentine’s Day – love invites love, love finds plausible answers and love shows the way.

If love can reason, then definitely heart has the most intelligent role to play in it. Heart starts what thought carries forward and love helps to manifest it into what’s desirable. And the thoughts create an energy flow within and around our physical being. The more positive the thought, the more generous the act of love. This, in turn, influences the outcome. It’s our heart that designs, our thoughts that develop and our energies that create our reality. It is not for nothing that the law of attraction talks about likeness. If you want love, you express love, and you receive love.

Celebrating a single day of love is not to restrict the enormity of the emotion. But around us every day is the work of love – be it the irreplaceable parent-child bond, the eternal soul mate connection, the enigmatic nameless relationships or the destined life partner. The scope of love is endless and so are its rewards. It often happens that love finds love. With nations pitted against each other in wars, with powers battling it out in the name of ideologies and with petty quarrels turning into heinous crimes, perhaps it’s time to embrace love all the more. If celebrating the very emotion answers all worldly as well as not-so-materialistic concerns and paves the path to undeniable glory, then let there be love – today and always. (LOVE’S LABOUR)

Shine on you amazing diamonds


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