Making lives easier, cars these days are the most-desired statement of style while maintaining all its features of travelling convenience. It’s either my way or the highway. You must be familiar with this adage where it’s literally ‘take it or leave it’. But how about you plainly have your way at the highway?

“The journey itself will be tiring!’’ isn’t that what goes on in your mind before you step into the car, going for a long drive? But not any more. Cars these days  are figuratively abodes of luxury, which enable one to travel in ultimate comfort without compromising on their luxury and the style statement. The comfort quotient of your car is defined by the space within, as also the seats of the car. The sink-in bucket seats are a must, which are literally sofas in your car!

For effective usage, use seat covers and cushions to make your ride more relaxed. Also use head pillows which are attached to the front eats and provide support to the head and neck. Essential on long drives and when you love to lunge around in the car itself!

Then there is the entertainment system in your car. Right from speakers to woofers, these add to the charm of your car. Entertainment systems today also come with television screens, fitted either at the top centre of the car, and can be pushed open at the click of a button; or attached behind the front seats to enable private viewing of either passenger sitting at the back.

You may also recall that when you were young, seeing a sun roof on the four-wheeler meant that the car was luxurious.

Many-a-times and often, we would see kids with faces protruding out of the sun roof, while the car zoomd by. The car demanded respect, yes. This concept still holds true. But today, these add a comfort quotient too. What when on long drives, you don’t want to open the windows to feel the chill but want to feel the breeze non-the-less? The answer is sun roof. What if you want to see the lovely sun kissed shadows of trees on your seat when you are passing scenic terrain? The answer is sun roof! Then, among the more technical comforts of the car are automatic gears. We mostly learn driving by operating the car through gear. Pressing the clutch and then shifting the gears. When you miss pressing the clutch, the gear does not budge, and the car gives a grunt. Your hand-leg-eye coordination has to be good to handle this. But let’s not deter you from driving; simply imagine a car where there are no such hassles!

That is where the automatic gears come in. this makes driving the car just like in the video games. No more clutch to press because there are no manual gears! More importantly, this functionality adds the most to the comfort quotient of your luxury car.

O all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the drive!

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