You’re not just buying or renting a home-you are also becoming part of a neighbourhood. All neighbourhoods are not created equal. And there’s no such thing as the perfect neighbourhood. Everyone has different needs and desires. However, there are components common to all great neighbourhoods. As you evaluate the best aspects of a prospective neighbourhood, you’ll want to match them to your daily needs. Before you event start looking for a place to buy or rent, you need to consider the neighbourhood. After all,  there’s no point in falling in love with a home in an area you can’t stand. If you don’t do your research when you’re buying a TV, you can always return it if you realize it’s not what you want. But you can’t do the same when you sign a lease or a mortgage and don’t do your homework first. If you realize after you move that the neighbourhood’s not for you it’s too late.

There are so many things to consider when you’re searching for the neighbourhood of your dreams: architectural style, safety, amenities and your commute, just to  name a few. And knowing where to start can be daunting. Most people might not even think about sidewalks when they’re looking for the right neighbourhood. But they should, because sidewalks actually say a lot about a community. If you’re looking for an active place to live, sidewalks can be a  good indicator that there are places like parks and other amenities nearby and within walking distance. Sidewalks also make neighbourhoods safer.

Whether you’re walking to the grocery store, the corner restaurant or your neighbour’s house. You’re less likely to be hit by a car if you’re walking on a sidewalk. The safety aspect alone makes sidewalks. The safety aspect alone makes sidewalks extremely desirable if you have pets or children, as you’ll likely be walking the neighbourhood regularly. Whether you’re a family with young children, a retired couple or a single bachelor, local amenities are important to where you live. Make sure your new neighbourhood has everything you’re looking for to suit your lifestyle.

Families with children might be interested in activity and sport communities with parks, as well as libraries and football or karate lessons nearby. Retired couples, however, may be more attracted to a neighbourhood that is devoted to active seniors. Or one that is close to family, or even social organizations that host laughing clubs, and resident meets. A young single person might want an active nightlife scene with bars or restaurants close by. You may have to compromise on some of your desires. But just make sure the amenities most important to you are convenient.

The bottom line is you won’t be happy in a neighbourhood that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle. Make sure you find the right neighbourhood culture first, and then the other pieces will fall into place.

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GREAT NEIGHBOURHOOD Not only this, but also the following…..

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GREAT NEIGHBOURHOOD Not only this, but also the following…..

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