Medical education cost and village posting

Medical education cost and village posting

Medical education cost village posting

Some arguments are awkward. So, there is no way but to be shocked. The reverse logic can be started from exactly where, the Confusion. Exceptional logic is simple. If the doctors do not go to villages, the compensation for financial help, the compensation for the financially reputable doctors, the forced doctors to go to the village, the financial losses suffered, the road to compensate for the losses, the inequality of the choice of the well-being, the inequality of village-city-inequality

First, a government will ask the question, how much is the government’s cost to make a doctor? Government will publish a white paper, please? Often listening, this cost is approximately thirty-four million But, how is the calculation, it must be clear.

So think of the calculation. For example, a common equation.

(The government’s annual cost to run a medical college – the annual cost of running a super specialty hospital with the same number of bed size equivalent to the same number of equal benefits). The number of students in the medical college the government’s annual investment

Yes, investment. Because, the government also said that the cost of the expenditure and also tried to make it worthwhile, as far as possible.

Besides, how to tell the government’s cost to create an engineer, or to build a science or a graduate of any branch. No, not just for them, but just for a comparative discussion.

Again, suppose, as medical students do internship (three years of bonds are not raised or not), for a little money, to learn the work in hand. So if a large number of engineers work for government jobs in a year, change the appearance of village- mofussil can go. And, then, who knows, maybe do not objection so doctors can go to the village.

Secondly, in the village going to the village, mainly from the point of view of financial loss. And wondering what might be the means of compensating for those financial losses.

Financial losses but not the factor behind are not going to the village. Because, the private practice income established in the mofussil compared to the jobs in the corporation, in any way, is not less. In fact, many of the surgeons’ income in the small town may be ashamed of the senior consultant of the corporate hospital.

The question is, therefore, not financial loss.

The question is of the infrastructure, personal comfort.

Now suppose, the hospital in an all-inclusive area will suddenly become absolutely international standard, not so. Apart from improving the hospital, the place also needs improvement. For example, good schoolclasses, accommodation facilities, etc., etc.

Only if the government will be dependent?

Let’s not, private companies also start their offices outside of Kolkata. For example, IT Sector Their work is worldwide. There is no problem in the office purulia.

Do not think once.

If there is a large office, the place will also improve. Do not go to doctors even going to the doctors. The government will not be bound to bond and send the doctor.

Higher studies are no longer a leap in education

Medical education cost village posting

Community Development Project

Medical education cost village posting


Medical education cost village posting

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