Among the most sought after careers among the youth today is medicine. The power to heal has traditionally placed the medical field several rungs above any other profession. Today with enormous strides made in medical research for alleviating pain and curing diseases, the profession poses great challenges to the young men and women who opt for.

A doctor’s profession involves a lot of hard work and at the same time it brings with it the satisfaction of having cured patients and of having alleviated a pin and suffering. Doctors all over the world are treated with great respect and suffering. Doctors all over the world are treated with great respect and the scope and prospects in the medical field are always ample and exceedingly bright.

The field of medicine is very vast and specializations in medicine are increasing by the day. While an MBBS  degree prepares a candidate for practice, it is not sufficient for providing specialist treatment to patients. A further three-year MD/MS course in any area of specialization is therefore essential. Thereafter, the specialist can also go in for further super specialization within the specialist areas.

While medicine in general encompasses both traditional Indian as well as modern allopathic medicine, this chapter only deals with careers in allopathic medicine. Careers in traditional systems of medicine are discussed in detail in the chapter entitled Traditional Medicine.

Meteorology PROFESSION

Meteorology is an interdisciplinary science involving the study of the phenomena of the atmosphere. Meteorology, as such, applies not only to the earth, but also to other planets, including the sun itself. It encompasses the atmosphere’s ingredients, motions, processes and influences, and also involves the application of atmospheric knowledge for analysis, prediction and control, as well as to the solution of practical problems in business, industry, transport, telecommunications, health, agriculture and defence. Meteorology, thus, is an important part of our daily lives.

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