MEGHALAYA’s Nature’s Splendour

MEGHALAYA’s Nature’s Splendour

Sacred Groves

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Preserved since time immemorial by traditional religious sanctions, the Mawphlang Sacred grove is located 26kms away from the state capital shilling. Set amidst gentle rolling hills, this thick canopy of pine trees houses a large variety of plants, flowering trees and butterflies. A variety of orchids and epiphytes form a rich outgrowth of bushes covering the trees. To unravel the hidden natural treasures inside the grove, a walk through with the help of an able guide is a must.



Nestled among tall betel nut trees, 90 kms form Shillong, along the indo-Bangladesh border is “God’s Own Garden’’ – Mawlynnong village. Reputed to be the cleanest village in Asia, mawlynnong with its cobbled paths bordered with manicured lawns and colorful hues of flowers, surrounding quaint thatched houses is a popular eco destination.

Cleanliness is a way of life for the residents of this village and is practiced by both young and old. Bamboo dustbins at every corner ensure that litter is never strewn around the streets.

Besides the abundant greenery and friendly faces, mawlynnong offers visitors the wonderful experience to stay in a tree house suspended 20 feet above the ground overlooking a waterfall and a placid pool. The Sky Walk, a bamboo platform built 60 feet up in the air offer a bird’s eye view of the green canopy that encircles the village and on a clear day  panoramic view of the plains of Bangladesh. A 500 year old living root bridge and a strange natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock are some of the other attractions that Mawlynnong offers.

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