Merchant Navy PROFESSION

Merchant Navy PROFESSION

The Merchant Navy offers a career distinct from all others. Not only does it offer excellent remunerations and promotional opportunities, but also tremendous scope for adventure and travel. The Merchant Navy is a noncombatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers by sea. The Merchant navy is therefore composed of passenger vessels, cargo liners, thinkers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles.

Professionals employed in the Merchant navy include navigating Officers, Radio Officers and marine Engineers. They are usually employed by shipping companies on a contractual basis, which is generally of six to nine month’s duration. Modern vessels are now equipped to minimize the tedium of weeks on board a ship wit little companionship other than other crew members. Most ships have spacious lounges, TV rooms, facilities for  a variety of leisure activities and family accommodation for those who are allowed to bring along their families.

So far there are no openings for women in the merchant Navy, but there are moves to induct women as Radio Officers and Ship doctors. Moreover, more and more women are now opting for training in marine engineering which will eventually lead to their employment in the Merchant Navy.


Pharmacy is an important part of the paramedical services, the study of which involves the study of the origin and chemistry of drugs, the preparation of medicines and drugs and their actions and uses in living systems. Dispensing and counseling skills, as well as pharmacy law and ethics form an important part of the profession.

In today’s world, the complexity and potential side effects of the thousand of drugs available in the market has compelled both health professionals and the general public to rely on the specialized knowledge of pharmacists. This has also, invariably, encouraged a massive growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

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