Mining and Metallurgy PROFESSION

Mining and Metallurgy PROFESSION

Mining and metallurgy are interrelated professional disciplines dealing with the extraction and processing of various mineral deposits from the earth, such as coal, petroleum and metallic and non-metallic minerals.

Metals and minerals form a significant part of our daily lives. Utensils used in households, domestic appliances, jewellery , as well as automobiles, aircraft and rocket bodies are composed of a variety of metals. Even the rods used in orthopaedic surgery for healing fractured bones are made from metal. Mining and metallurgy therefore essentially supply the basic raw material for almost the entire industrial sector.

India is rich in mineral wealth with some of the largest deposits of oil, coal and minerals of different kinds. Mining started in India more than Subsequently, other coal mines were started, along with the development of mines for extraction of iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, bauxite and so on. Today India is one of the largest mineral-producing countries in the world. Due to liberalization, many foreign companies are also investing in the mining sector, increasing the prospects for those who join this industry.

There are however limited openings for women in this field, as mining is exclusively open to men. Women are prohibited under law to work underground. However, they can train as metallurgists and work in the production or in the marketing of metals, minerals and metal products, and allied branches. Today there are several women working in steel factories and blast furnaces.

Nutrition and Dietetics PROFESSION

Nutritionists and dietitians are professionals equipped with the knowledge of the chemistry and nutritional value of foods and their preparation. They are the experts who develop new uses of food, advise patients in a clinic regarding their diet, serve as consultants to public health teams, supervise the serving of food in industrial cafeterias or hospitals, assist individuals or groups in dietary education, and teach in nursing schools, colleges and universities.

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