With mobile apps, life has become smoother, faster and more enjoyable. Nowadays, smartphones have become an integral part of your lifestyle. Various mobile apps have taken care of not just your entertainment needs. And they have also changed the way of your life. The advent of fast internet connections, with an emphasis on wireless connectivity, has changed your media consumption habits. And it brought about a seamless integration of your online and offline avatars. Entertainment is now at your fingertips with streaming music apps revolutionizing the way you listen to music.

You listen to music on-the-go. With access to thousands of tracks from various genres, you also don’t have any need to store media-files on your mobile devices. Not just music, with streaming video services on apps, you can catch up on your favourite TV series, even if a busy schedule prevents you from watching TV regularly. Quick to warm up to this trend, your are now witnessing the advent of a plethora of internet-only series. Sharing your memories has never been easier, and photos have never been prettier.

You can instantly share your photos and video-clips using apps like Instagram, applying filters to suit your various moods. Foodies like you now have to reach out for your phones to find that perfect gastronomic destination. And if you don’t want to leave the house, food is just a touch away, with the advent of a host of food-ordering apps, competing for the epicurean’s attention with exciting offers and discounts. For those bitten by the wanderbug, travel apps guide you with reviews, maps and photos of trips taken by people from around the world. These apps also let you find the best places to stay in, along with best prices.

Travel apps now include hotel bookings, sightseeing packages, in addition to travel tickets. By syncing smartphones with wearable gear, the apps monitor your exercise rates, pulse and sleep patterns, motivating you to stay fit. Some apps also analyse your diet and suggest healthier options. For hobbyists, the internet is a storehouse of ideas. Because, there are do-it-yourself projects with detailed videos and illustrated manuals shared by creative denizens of the internet. You can learn to play the guitar, bake a cake in a cup, grow a backyard garden. And you can share your creative experiments, get encouragement from like-minded people.

In fact, many creative persons have started their own custom-made product business. Social networks have been instrumental in bringing together people with similar interests. Photo-walks, treks, food-trails and adda sessions are some of the new ways in which online interest groups are living their passions in real life. Instead of isolating the individual, as feared by many, the web, helped by smart devices like tablets and smartphones have brought people closer and enabled them to enrich their lives and increase their productivity through a vast array of mobile apps.

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