Implementing Modern Music on Opera’s stage

Implementing Modern Music on Opera’s stage

Modern Opera Music

Even though the art is enjoyable? And the inspiration from that song is being created on stage. As a singer, Biercott plays with voice, creates a sound box, and strikes through a colorful show. To say something about him, some of the best adjectives have to be used. His music is full of mysteries, strange nature. Exotic and impressive.

The program is under the name ‘Replacement’. It is not easy to present Birk’s expressive voice on Opera’s stage. It is understood by comparing it with his pop version and gyun’s opera soap. But Ji Yun can hold his own voice. He was forever a fan of Birk? Not even now, but it is still there. The basis of this product of Beirk’s album ‘Vespartain’. The story was inspired by the inspiration from his song lyrics.

The Icelandic singer allowed it to be used in Opera. But he did not participate in the work itself. Denmark’s ‘Hotel Pro Forma’ group has taken the responsibility of art direction. ‘Hotel Pro Pharma’ is famous for their colorful multimedia show. Beacock opera is a motivation for them to discover a new look of musical theater. “The Hotel Pro Template examines all types of events in the world. We do that with art, visual arts, music, architecture, film and movement.” In this case, their love-love. In the creation of ‘Vesparty’, Beechak singing songs about his love for men, children and nature.¬†

Two researchers from the Space Lab are the creators of this stage. But their campaign, like the bizarre lyrics of Beirk’s song, remained unclear. Eoin and Schoolberg said in this context, “What is love and love between biology and nature; we are testing it on stage, because we live as humans.” To appreciate Biraj’s music, you need not understand it. The argument also applies to opera. Voices, words and pictures call the audience in a beautiful and mysterious world. That’s the real feeling.

Not only this, but also the following…………


Modern Opera Music not only this, but also the following…………


Modern Opera Music¬†not only this, but also the following…………

Taiwan, an island trail

Modern Opera Music

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