Mother Teresa one of the noblest philanthropists of modern times was born in an Albanian family of Yogoslavia in 1910. As a girl she was known as Agnes Gonxhas Bojaxhin. She joined a Christian organization CALLED Modality in 1922 and reached Calcutta in 1929 under a Jesuit organization. Her career began as a Geography teacher at St. Mary’s Loreto Convent. After the bitter experience of the second World War and the horrible communal riots in Calcutta in 1946, she decided to devote   herself to the service of the poor and suffering. To fulfill her mission she founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta with the Pope’s blessing and recognition. Mother Teresa also founded Nirmal Hriday to serve the old and the dying, and Shishu Bhawan to take care of the orphan. Many more T.B clinics, Leprosy centres, charitable  dispensaries and homes for the poor and the helpless were established in various other parts of   India and abroad under her sponsorship and with her active help. Even in her old age she moved like an angel all over the world to supervise regularly the functioning of the organizations. Many national and international honours were conferred on her like: Bharat Ratna, Nobel Deshikottama to mention only a few. Mother Teresa, breathed her last in Calcutta on 5 September, 1997, in 2003 she was beatified by the Vatican.

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