MUTUAL FUND Tax Saving schemes


Tax Saving schemes

These schemes offer tax rebates to the investors under tax laws as prescribed from time to time. This is made possible because the Government offers tax incentives for investment in specified avenues. For example, Equity Linked Savings Schemes and Pension Schemes.

The details of such tax saving schemes are provided in the relevant offer documents.

Ideal for: Investors Seeking tax rebates. Special Schemes:-

This category includes index schemes that attempt to replicate the performance of as particular index such as the BSE Sensex or the NSE 50, or industry specific schemes or sectoral schemes in segments such as “A” Group shares or initial public offering.

Index fund schemes are ideal for investors who are satisfied with a return approximately equal to that of an index. Sectoral fund schemes are ideal for investors who have already decided to invest in a particular sector or segment.

Keep in mind that any one scheme may not meet all your requirement for all time. You need to place your money judiciously in different schemes to be able to get the combination of growth, income and stability that is right for you.

Remember as always, higher the return you seek higher the risk you should be prepared to take.

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