The Rewarding Wilderness of Nagarhole

Incredible India is unique. Because in spite of the enormous responsibility of looking after our one billion citizens, we have set aside enormous tracts of protected wilderness for our wild-life. These are very visible in the 462 sq. km.


Nagarhole National Park.

In all our sequestered wildernesses, visitors can enter only at certain hours and in specified vehicles with authorized escorts. But the special facility offered by Nagarhole is that you can visit it year-round. However, do check on this, before you plan your trip.

What are your likely to see in Nagarhole? That, of course, depends on your luck and your behavior. You won’t see much if your wear bright clothes, smoke or make a noise. We have seen: many herds of elephant from very close; chital, sambar, barking deer, langur monkeys, and wild pigs. We once stopped our jeep for half-an-hour and shot frame of a pack of wild dogs: beautiful russet creatures and quite unafraid of us. Then, on an absolutely unforgettable occasion, we photographed a python coiled up on her eggs in the hollow stump of  a tree. Not only this, but also the following………



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