Nameri National Park/Rajiv Gandhi orang National Park/Dibru – Saikhowa National Park

Nameri National Park


Towards the north of Assam and beyond the Brahmaputra is the Nameri National Park that offers all the magic that a complete safari can offer. Comfortable accommodation is available by the treks in the forest and white river rafting on the Jia Bhoroli River.


Rajiv Gandhi orang National Park


The oldest game reserve of the state is on the Northern bank of the Brahmaputra with an area of 78.8 sq km is an important breeding ground for a variety is of fish. Rhinoceros, tiger, maljuria elephants, hog deer, wild bear, civet cat, porcupine and the Gangetic dolphins can be sighted here.

Namdapaha National Park

 Dibru – Saikhowa National Park

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The Dibru – Saikhowa National Park is in the far east of Assam, offers an adorable variety of lush greenery and is home to an assortment of birds and other wildlife. The sanctuary earns its unique status of being the only of the incredible Feral Horse. Wild studs in their natural habitat is a remarkable sight as does Dibru– Saikhowa an unforgettable touring experience.

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