And the naughty man born – By Somnath Chatterjee

And the naughty man born – Somnath Chatterjee


First of all, you need Major Mitra, that’s the rest, because you say this hallucination, tell the dream, if they grow, then it will effect your life …

– Heart. Doctor knows. But at the moment, I can help a lot more than a heart specialist, a psychiatrist, so you …

– See Major, this picture is seeing this place, it’s called Hippocampal Jairus, it’s our memory center.

– Doctor, please. These are technical words. My … I do not like it .. You do not know what’s going on inside of me … I’ll get back to Doctor ….?- See … Major …. Reconciliation can be a way … the places where the memories of previous births are coming back, those places may be visited. Off Doctor … Doctor … from there … that’s the beginning …- Where?- Akhnour. Near jammoor Earlier this year. My posting is over there- After that? What is the memory of previous birth …?
– No, no. I did not know anything before … but for the first time, Border Petrol goes … – You drink water Major. I think it’s a very familiar place. And I do not want to go to petrol. My rank officers do not go. But how do I get to know the doctor? – After that? After that, the screen-like memory layers opened. It became clear … – See Major, It Can Be A Case Off Dual Entity. However, gradually one entity and memory are going to become a permanent terminator That’s the fear, Doctor. But you say you’re a soldier in the memory of the previous birth- Yes, Doctor. Soldier The environment, the Urdu, the command, the discipline … seemed to me a long time …Do you remember some events?- Reading. The Akhenaur sector That was September. War started …- September? That means, sixty five.And there I stood in front of the tank and fought with my unit. I stuck the tank … the order was that the tactic of a tear would not move one foot or move forward- After that?
– Due to the dawn of lightning, the heavy artillery fire started furious … UFOFF – You’re a big Major? – Oh yes Doctor. My legs flew away. There was still knowledge. But slowly all blurred. There I am … – have died. I understand Major. Spread the country for protection. Great glory Are you going to return that death? Doctor, you do not understand. Do not say a little earlier, dual entities, one becomes a permanent dominent … Yeah, but you were in the army even before. Where is the problem?
– Doctor in the army. Major Sawkat Osman. Pakistan Army. (Story)



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