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125Kms away from shilling through Mawkywat on the South West Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya lays Nongnah, a village located on the picturesque plateau near the Indo-Bangladesh border. While what greets the eye is a surely a thing of beauty, the real treasure of Nongnah lies buried deep in the earth.

Krem Maw tyngiang, reputed to be the longest sandstone caves known anywhere in the world, situated in Lum lawpaw, at Nongnah offers adventurers an adrenaline rush exploring its winding passage ways. Unique for its calcareous sandstones formation, Krem MawTuyngiang, also fascinates explorers with its distinctive fauna characterized by an abundance of bats (including horseshoe bat) and hand-sized spiders (Hetrapoda robusta). Though it has not been fully explored, but with 3.16 kilometer of surveyed passage, it is already one of the world’s best sandstone caves.

For the faint at heart, nature’s bounty can also be experienced at the Eco Campsite Camp at Dom Lawpaw set amidst scenic and picturesque environs.

Another star attraction in Nongnah is the trekking trail from Nongnah through Lum Lawpaw plateau. Interestingly very few people know that recently abundant fossil  bone fragments of dinosaurs have found at this village, a fact that has been verified by the Paleontolog  y Division, Geological Survey of India, North Eastern Region, Shillong.

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