Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia

Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia

The capital of Siberia is a million-plus city. Here is the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, a forge or, as they say now, an incubator, the country’s scientific personnel. And other research enterprises and organizations. The territorial approach from the Asia-Pacific region was another important factor in deciding whether to open a branch in Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk The program of events on the occasion of the opening of the branch included 2 seminars. During the seminar “Business Risks in Using Intellectual Property Objects and Protecting Rights to Them”, held on October 17 in the Marriott Hotel, the risks that may be borne by an economic entity that does not pay due attention are discussed attention to the legal protection of their intellectual assets. Further development of the village goes by leaps and bounds – in a fairly short period of time it becomes first important trading and transport, and then slit and industrial center of Siberia, gradually increasing its sphere of influence to the size of the country, for which he received in 1908 the status of town.

Novosibirsk, the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War, the old city The prosperity of Novonikolayevsk lasts until 1917, after which the power in the city begins to shift from revolutionaries to counter-revolutionary forces and back. The Soviet power is victorious in this confrontation, but Novonikolaevsk gets it almost in a catastrophic situation – there is no fuel, there is a shortage of food, urban services and railway traffic are difficult to operate. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the city’s deep rear location makes Novosibirsk “- more than 50 industrial facilities close to the front line are being evacuated here, which, together with local enterprises create at once several industries that are necessary for the front. Thus, in less than a hundred years of its history, the working settlement became a city of the Russian intelligentsia and the largest regional center of the country. Novosibirsk in our time. In the “dashing nineties” Novosibirsk did not escape a common fate and went through fire, Novosibirsk water and copper pipes of all stages of the market formation of the period of initial accumulation of capital, which is why then the standard of living significantly fell here, and not only from the material point of view, but also from the point of view of spirituality.

Important decisions to ensure those or other needs and requirements of the Siberian subjects of the federation. For these purposes, the residence of the inter-regional association “Siberian Accord”, which includes 19 subjects of the Asian part of Russia, the executive directorate of the Association of Siberian and Far Eastern cities. And the Siberian Branch of the International Association of Enterprise Managers, carries out its activities in the city. Novosibirsk By the way, as for enterprises, the city’s industry today is represented by 214 large and medium-sized energy, gas, water, metallurgy, metalworking, and mechanical engineering facilities. Thus, if Novosibirsk cannot be called a monument of antiquity, then one can certainly be called a monument of modernity, innovation and endless movement forward. For those who are not used to spending big money on their overnight stay and who are not so principled, the level of services provided at a hotel hotels of category 2 * and 1 *, as well as hostels. They are also predominantly located in the central part of Novosibirsk. It is worth considering to book just such a hotel, if the duration of your stay is not more than one or two nights. Novosibirsk What to see? Novosibirsk, sights, zoo As we have said, the youth of Novosibirsk practically did not leave him an opportunity to boast of ancient monuments. But here there is a unique opportunity to enjoy modern architecture.

If you are closer to the city limits, do not miss the opportunity to look into the world famous Novosibirsk Academgorodok and science city Koltsovo. There you can see where the best minds of the country live and work today. And where numerous congresses, symposiums and exhibitions are held that make Novosibirsk a center of business activity. First, these are the “products” of the cedar – cones, nuts, oil or wooden products from this breed. Also a good gift will be jewelry made of gemstones – rock crystal, lapis lazuli, jade, jasper – deposits of which are rich in Siberia. Products from the so-called mammoth tusk are also popular, although most often it is just bone carving. Unlike other mega-cities, Novosibirsk does not have a specific “founding father” – neither its Yuri Dolgoruky, nor its Peter Novosibirsk. Nobody exclaimed the “Grad to be!” wasteland, there is no one to sit on a bronze horse, stretching out its graded hand over the descendants. The birth of Novosibirsk was a collective act and fell on an amazing epoch. It was rational and inspired at the same time. From the surrounding villages, commercial transports stretched to the station, and along Ob ‘- barges with.


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