Te Tahhi and Rainy (Storytelling)/ Obligation (story)

Te Tahhi and Rainy (Storytelling)
Author: Preeta Vyas

It’s a very old matter. Grandma’s grandmother’s grandmother was too long ago. There was a lot of rain in the country of white clouds, plenty of it. So all of the water went so deep There was a village called Kainga in which the settlers started saying that this rain has brought them only. Tahe has rained as much as drowning the whole earth with its magic.

He was a young man in Tahhi village, about which the people of the village used to say that he knows the magic. Disturbed villages with heavy rains decided that they should be left far away from the village so that the rain stopped and gardens again in the gardens, the farming could be possible.

Some people of the village set out on Tahe Tahe on a boat and got away in the ocean. They farmed on another uninhabited island. He threw Ta Tahi and returned.

When Tahhi went to know that she was left alone, she whistled and called the whales near the shore and returned to their village riding on their backs. The whale floats faster so he reached before the boat that had left him. When the boat came back, the people riding on it saw that they were present there. They thought they did wrong with Ta Tam. Everyone decided that Tahhi would not be taken out of the village, he would stay together.

Since then, Tahei has remained in his village for the rest of his life. When he was old, he one day turned himself into a tanifah (monster) and went to live with his friends whales.

-Prita Vyas
[Mountain feud, (Maori folk tales) National Book Trust, India]

Obligation (story)
Author: Anand

A boat was swimming in the water. Suddenly there was cloud in the sky and there was heavy rain. Air-raging made the hurricane terrible. The passengers began to panic and the sailor got scared. Sailor started working diligently to bring the boat to the coast. He continued to cultivate the boat with his strong hands until he was completely tired. But how can he leave the boat even when tired? He also got his tired body to cross the yacht.

Gradually the water started filling in the vessel and even after trying to remove the water by the passengers, it also filled the water. The boat gradually started to be heavy, but the navigator kept up courageously. In the end it was surrounded by despair. Now the coast was quite far and the boat started drowning in water. The sailor threw the hull with his hand, and sat down holding his head. In a few moments, the opportunity was sunk. All passenger souls were defeated. The councilors of Yamraj came and took the sailor to the door of hell. Sailor asked, “Please tell me my crime, why are I being dragged to hell?”

Councilors replied, “Sailor, you have felt the sin of dipping the passengers of the opportunity.”

The sailor said in astonishing manner, “This is not a justice, I have tried my best to save the passengers.”

The councilors replied, “It is fine that you worked hard, but you had left the boats in the end, your duty was to keep the yacht till the last house.” The responsibility of the passengers of the yacht was upon you. Is blamed. ” □

– Anand
[Indian folklore, cheap literature division publication]




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