A discussion between three MBA students at Bond University, Australia, culminated into a dream to bring the world to students in India. Global Reach started off in 1991 as a unique idea by Ravi Lochan Singh, the managing director of Global Reach and his friends Sushil Sukhwani and Shiv Kumar. Global Reach completed 25 years in September and the journey so far involves representing all universities of Australia and New Zealand and several reputed universities and institutions from the USA, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and other countries. “When we were students in India, we found it difficult to get information about foreign universities. We would have to go to places like the USEFI or the British Council to gather information from brochures. We would send applications to universities and wait for a reply for many months. So, when we returned after MBA to India, we thought why not start a career counseling institution where students would find all information under one roof. This would actually reduce eight months of their work,” said Ravi Lochan.

The first challenge for Ravi Lochan was his family, convincing them about his plan. After that he had to convince institutions about the services he was providing. “I gradually received acceptance from them over time,” Ravi said.

Student counseling is the vital part at Global Reach. “A lot depends on the aptitude of the student, which always does not come out of the marksheet. We have to judge his aptitude and potential before we can suggest a career option for the students. For that we conduct an aptitude test,” said Ravi Lochan.

Planning to study aboard and preparations towards the goal starts off in the last year of school. A student must apply well in advance and appear for English proficiency tests like IELTS after which the process starts. A student must stay in touch with his counselors at Global Reach for a period of at least six to mine months. Counsellors at Global Reach must have good communication skills and go through a year-long training along with an experienced counselor.

Through 25 years, Global Reach has penetrated deep into the market, especially in Eastern India, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Immigration and visa offices of multiple countries approve Global Reach, which is why visa applications are processed faster. Immigration New Zealand has always approved of the Education NZ coordinated list of them. The selection of agencies depends on the quality of visa application, meaning fewer refusals and more volume of applications. Global Reach is the only body that has been awarded by the AEI foe having more PIER EATC certified counselors than any other agency from South Asia.

Global Reach has always strived to provided better services. In keeping with the times, there is consideration of using online tools to conduct virtual counseling. Students can take the English proficiency tests in Global Reach offices themselves. Also there is a lot of scope on the USA since many universities did not  employ outside agencies for admission have started doing so. This and many more opportunities are waiting to be explored and Global Reach will strive hard to bring the very best to students so that they relies their dreams.

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