Schooldays are over and its time  to  focus on the future. Coming  up ahead are college days that will pave the way for a bright  career or further studies that will take you ahead into a new world of opportunities. Academics merged with a good amount of practical training will make complete professional and that is what most institutions aim for their students. So students, its time to weight your options and think hard about which profession you are passionate about. Those who have already decided about the future, best of luck to you, but those who are still undecided, can flip through these pages and check out of the option.

Traditional courses and professions are not outdated, but they have adapted to the changes in society, lifestyle and environment. Engineering, today, has change with time and technology. Studying health sciences does not necessarily mean that you have to become a doctor. Today there are far more options in the industry to choose from. Courses are not just theoretical any more, but are more industry oriented. Industry-institution tie-ups help students to get more exposure through projects and workshops and seminars inviting speakers to the institution.

Nursing is a respectable profession and technicians are required everywhere in hospitals and diagnostic centers to help in the process of treatment. Hospital management professionals are also sought after since healthcare is a specialized field these days. In MBA as well, these are option of doing major and minor in subjects that are specialized and analytical Lawyers these days do not always end up arguing before the judge in court. With complex legal matters spreading ever-where, even in industries and corporate offices, there is demand for lawyers in corporate as well.

Side by side, there is a plethora of choices from new age courses that are being offered by institutions in Calcutta. Studies like microbiology, biotechnology and genetics have good job opportunities after the course is completed. There is a dearth of supply in comparison to the demand for allied science professionals in the industry. Although the market lies away from your hometown Calcutta or in West Bengal, the sky is the limit if you choose  to make a career in allied science. Fashion and interior designing and jewellery designing has also caught up in the race. Many  students these days opt for these courses as the career options are plentry. Boutiques are opening up everywhere as more people take interest in fashion are make a conscious effort to look good. To accessorize, fashion jewellery is also in demand and young designers have innovative ideas coming out on paper. From working under senior designers, young minds seek to grow and become more self-sufficient by starting their own labels of clothes and fashion jewellery. More homes and offices are better decorated with the help of an interior designer. Hospitality remains the growing field with the demand for professionals increasing in every sector and not just in the hotel industry restaurants and cruise-liners. Hospitals, banks, retail chains also look for hospitality managers to handle customer needs. Private universities have also opened their doors to students with a numbers of unique and modern courses in their academic list. Integrated courses at the undergraduate and post graduate level prove to be new as well as advanced educational programmes for today’s students. A student studying management with engineering will be better equipped to handle multiple responsibilities on the job. There are many other such option in these universities where core subjects have been combined with professional courses. Researchers also have a lot of scope as these universities aim to provide state-of –art facilities and infrastructure for them in the form of labs, libraries and others. The private universities in Calcutta are now opening doors to foreign students and the city is slowly becoming an education destination for students from neighbouring countries. Well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities the campuses are also smart and student-friendly.

While selecting the right in any professional field is important, it is also necessary to understand the employers’ expectation from freshers coming into the industry. It is  not about dedication and doing the right thing, but employers in all fields want good professionals who have honesty and integrity with a passion for what he or she is doing and a willingness to learn.

With such a lot of choice before you, all you need to do is sit back and think deep and identify your strengths that will help you select the right for yourself for a successful career.

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