When India got freedom at the mid night of 14th – 15th August (it is 15th in Indian calendar) from the years of tyranny under the foreign yoke, it was the rarest of rare moment’s of happiness in the life of the nation. this moment fulfilled the long cherished dream of our national leaders. Human beings strive hard to get a glorious moment in their life. According to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore: “Man must always be a music-maker and dreamer or dreams; he must never loose, in his material quests, his longing for the touch of divine.’’ Every one should seek such a moment of glory and pleasure in his life.

According to the story of the Ramayan, lord Ram was compelled to lead an exiled life for fourteen years. During this period he had to face a lot of problems. Even his wife was kidnapped by the demon king of lanka, Ravana. But the moment he defeated and killed Ravana, he enjoyed the moment of ecstasy to his heart content. People still remember this moment of glory. There is an another example of a moment of bliss in the Mahabharata: when at the end of Mahabharata war, Dhritarastra tried to grasp Bhima in his mighty hand – fold to kill him, unfortunately Bhima escaped. He realized his mistake and became full of sorrow for the misdeeds committed against his nephews. His heart became pious. In that moment of purity and happiness, he realized the real bliss of life. This sort of moment is the result of real mortification of mind, body and soul, performed during the whole span of life.

Such a crowded hour of glorious life rarely comes into the life of any one. It is comes, one should enjoy it. The fact of the life is that the life of human beings is full of sorrow and agonies. In the midst of such tumults, a crowded hour of glory brings a pacific of happiness which destroy all sorts of miseries. It is believed that the god of humanity has arrived at the gates of the ruined temple of the trible. During such hour of glory, one crosses all the man – made limitation. His joy knows no bound. All vices evaporate and a realm of virtue reigns. Not one individual, but humanity is in search of such unlimited ocean of ecstasy.

There is a character named Miss Malati in Premchand’s “godan’ who endures all her engagements for the sake of worldly pleasure. But a moment of engagement with Mr. Khanna changes the course of her life and she enjoys its unlimited canvass. Readers go through the complete work of art but when they crosses through the proton named resolution, they get the real worth of their efforts. These moments cannot be compared with ages without such glory. There are ages in human history, which are painted with the blood of treachery and fratricidal activities. Instead of these ages, a moment full of the milk of human kindness, will be remarkable for both the society and the individual.

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