Only jokes And laugh

Only jokes And laugh

  • Teacher : Who is the
    President of Iraq ?
    Emekus : I don’t know
    Teacher : You need to
    focus more on
    your studies.
    Emekus : Please Miss, can
    I ask a question ?
    Teacher : Yes.
    Emekus : Do U know
    Angela ?
    Teacher : No?
    Emekus: do u know
    grace, princess and
    Teacher: No, why?
    Emekus: You need to
    focus more on
    your husband!
    What Is The 1st Letter Of Your Name?

Lets Kill English
1. Don’t dare talk in front of my back.
2. Stop making noise like empty sardine tins of milk.
3. Take 5cm wire of my length.
4. All of you stand in a straight circle.
5. Be quiet, the principal is just passing away.
6. I have 3 daughters, they are all girls.
7. Did you see me on the radio yesterday?
8. Both of the 3 of you, get out of my class.
9. The son of the man is a boy.
10. This is your permanent place, sit
here for the mean time.
11.Take the lead and follow me.
12. I would rather kill myself than commit suicide.
13. She is a boy.
14. I saw you last night early this morning.
15. I come to your house today, you didnt dey house.
16. Please increase the volume of the window, heat is
to me.
17. Run the tap to the loudest.
18. I saw you here and i see you there, are u twice?
19. Heat is killing me.
20. I see your father, he is a man
21. I lyk d taste of the smell am hearing.
22. Look at her eyes is entering my food.
23. I cannot come and go and die
Don’t laugh alone. Pass it on. Please remember to add ur own *English*-*speaking*

  • CAN ANY GENIUS IN THE HOUSE…Assuming you were writing the word ‘CONDOM’ and your teacher saw you when you have just writing ‘CON’ what other words can you write to confuse your teacher???

Apart from cool,food,schoo
p,scoop,tool,wool good cook cool

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