Paradise search -Tenali Raman Story

Paradise search

According to Maharaj Krishnadev Rai, heard in his childhood, he believed that the world’s best and most beautiful place of place is Paradise. One day, the king desires to see the heaven. Therefore, he asks the ministers present in the court, “Where is Paradise?”

All the ministers keep sitting on their heads, but Chasur Tenaliram Maharaj promises to tell Lord Krishna to know the address of Paradise. And demand ten thousand gold coins and two months for this work.
Maharaja Krishnadev Rai gives Tenaliram gold coins and two months time and bet that if Tanaliram can not do this he will be punished with severe punishment. The other courtesy of Tenaliram burns efficiently enough. And the mind is very happy with the fact that Tenaliram will not be able to find heaven and will give punishment.

The period of two months passes, Maharaj Krishnadev Rai summon Tayaliriram in the court. Tenaliram says that he has found heaven and he will depart for tomorrow to see heaven.

Next day, Tenaliram, Maharaj, Krishnadev Rai and his special ministers take them to a beautiful place. Where there are plenty of greenery, twisted birds, and trees that purify the environment are planted. Maharaja Krishnadev Rai is very pleased to see the beauty of the place. But his other minister, Gan Paradise, reminds Maharaj Krishna Deva Rai of seeing him.

Maharaj Krishnadev Rai also asks Tenaliram to fulfill his promise. In response, Tenaliram says that when we have fruits, flowers, trees, plants, infinite types of animals, birds, and wonderful atmosphere and supernatural beauty on our earth. Then why heaven wished? There is no evidence that there is a place like heaven.

Maharaja Krishnadev Rai understands the matter of clever Tanaliram and he praises them. The rest of the minister reminds Maharaj about ten thousand gold coins by burning jealous. Then Maharaj Krishnadev Roy asks Tenaliram what did he do to Sikoku?

Then Tenaliram says that he has spent it!

Tenaliram says that from the ten thousand gold coins you gave me, I have purchased this great plant and high cropping seeds from this place. Whom we will extradite in the land of our state Vijaynagar; So that our state will also become attractive and fertile near this beautiful place.

The chef becomes more pleased with this and gives Tenaliram a lot of reward. And once again, the rest of the ministers are taking their mouth!

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Paradise search -Tenali Raman Story

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Paradise search -Tenali Raman Story

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Paradise search -Tenali Raman Story

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