Paramedical Services PROFESSION

Paramedical Services PROFESSION

Joining a medical college as an MBBS student is not the only route for entering the medical field. With the increase in medical facilities, hospitals, health care centres, polyclinics, nursing homes and diagnostic centres, not only is there a demand for trained doctors and surgeons in various fields of specialization, there is also a need for various paramedical experts and technicians. These experts and technicians have a very important role to play in helping the doctor make an accurate diagnosis for the treatment, cure and overall care of patients.

While medical laboratory technicians and radiographers help in the diagnosis of an ailment, physiotherapists, occupational therapist and pharmacists, together help in the treatment and care of patients. These disciplines are, in fact, closely concerned with assisting the disabled, paralyzed and handicapped people return to normalcy.

Technology in the field of medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the need for trained personnel to operate, utilize and interpret the new equipment is also increasing rapidly.

Within the paramedical services, the various specializations are also referred to as the ‘semi-professional health services’. These include the work of X-ray technologists, medical laboratory technicians, dietitians, food service workers, dental mechanics, emergency medical technicians, safety engineers, pharmacists, sanitary engineers, optometrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

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