Paramilitary Services PROFESSIONS

Paramilitary Services PROFESSIONS

While guarding the national borders is primarily the responsibility of the defence services, certain protective military services, such as the border Security Force (FSF), THE Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), The Fire Services, the Central bureau of Investigation (CBI)  and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) play an important role not only in guarding and defending the long borders of the country, but also in ensuring internal security. These services protect the lives and properties of citizens, ensure and maintain law and order, enforce excise, customs and other similar laws and ensure the maintenance of civil discipline during peace time.

There are not many openings in this field for women, and those that exist are restricted to the positions of constables and researchers.

Biotechnology PROFESSION

Biotechnology is a research-oriented field which has applications in various areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and environment. It is the field that has created Dolly, the cloned lamb, and introduced scientific methods for genetic engineering. It is an interdisciplinary science encompassing not only biology, but also other subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields today as it finds application in every aspect of industrial and daily life, from the chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries to genetics and agriculture. In fact, the use and application of biotechnology spans a wide range of activities, including developing new various kinds, and the development of industrial enzymes that hasten the production processes. As an agricultural country, biotechnology can and has had a major impact on agricultural yields.

In the field of medicine, biotechnology can help affect cures in genetically inherited diseases.

The profession offers great scope for all, particularly in the areas of medicine and agriculture. However, since this is a relatively new field, there are limited numbers of women working in it. This could also be due to the fact that fewer girls than boys take science at the +2 stage, when a career in biotechnology is unlikely to be panned for.

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