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What is Patanjali doing for its country and its citizens?

Certain anti-India forces for their vested interests, despite residing in our country, have been doubting Patanjali’s prime goal of social welfare and its continuous efforts towards the growth of the country. We ignore them but it is our responsibility to not let the citizens of this country fall prey to bad press. Patanjali is not for creating personal wealth but its sole purpose is to selflessly serve the nation.

Core project dedicated to Yog, Ayurved and Swadeshi

Patanjali Research Institute – This world class Research facility has been created with an investment of around 500 crores. And it has also more than 200 scientists dedicated to continuously develop new products. They strive to make existing products better through continuous research.

Social Welfare Services (Charity)

Profits generated through world-class quality products which are available at the lowest price are further invested in projects related to education, health, research, cow research and promotion which are worth thousands of crore of rupees. Lakhs of people have benefited from direct employment. Crores of farmers have witnessed prosperity and we intend to associate with 5 crore farmers in near future. They also plan to start Acharyakulam all over India which will focus on providing value-driven education.

Health and Life Care

Biscuits- Have no maida (Refined flour), cholesterol and are trans-fat free.

Edible Oils – Developed Kacchi Ghani, physically refined virgin quality pure edible oils of 8 types instead of chemically refined oil.

Atta Noodles –  As an alternative to unhealthy noodles made of maida and cheap palm oil, they have also made healthy Atta Noodles with Rice Bran oil and vegetables.

Toothpaste – Developed Junior Dant Kanti toothpaste meant for kids, free from cancer causing SLS and Dant Kanti toothpaste with herbs as an alternate to only chemical based toothpaste for people of all age-groups.

Hair Oil- Developed Kesh kanti Hair Oil free from cancer causing mineral oil.

Pure Honey, Ghee, oil & Medicines to save countrymen from adulteration & high price loot of other brands.

Natural Cosmetics – instead of cosmetics made from only chemicals, Aloe Vera gel and other natural beauty products are available.

Economic Independence Campaign

Similar to Wast India Company, MNCs that loot our country control approx. 50 lakh crore of Indian economy. Patanjali, through its swadeshi products, is to save the country from the economic plunder and slavery of foreign companies to gain economic independence. Through the medium of Yog, Ayurved and Swadeshi, this campaign of economic and spiritual freedom is being run with great pride due to your whole-hearted support.

PATANJALI Prakriti ka Aashirwad

Yoga: Emancipation of Soul


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