Only Peace, No War

Only Peace, No War                 




I am a citizen of this beautiful world.

I have a humble and earnest request to Mr. Donald Trump, the honorable president of USA and Xi Jinping, the honorable president of China:

Please give us a gift of PEACEFUL WORLD.

I beg to you to be friends for the humanity, and for the god’s world.

Peace-loving people of the world want peace.

You the presidents of the two countries can give us peace.

You after the almighty GOD are the most powerful persons in the world.

I respect you and your capabilities.

I think of the innocent people of the world.

I love the children and the innocent living beings.

Beauty and peace of this world is on the verge of destruction.

Now war means nuclear war. It means the total destruction of the world.
World will turn into brick and ash.

Where there is no living being, there is no glory of human power.

I am an Indian. But an American is my brother and a Chinese is also a brother. We are fellow citizens of the world.

We should not kill one another.

Everyone of this world has his or her own personal ambition.
You the presidents of USA AND CHINA have ambitions.

I request you to fulfill them on humanistic ground. Please think about the innocent people and innocent beings.

Every person of this world has a personal and patriotic feeling. You the presidents have also personal and patriotic value and feelings.
We respect your feelings.
Please you respect our feelings.

Some mistakes must have been happened in the world intentionally or unintentionally.

We have many misunderstandings with our ambitions and aspirations. We have also misunderstandings with each other.
We need discussion to do away with our misunderstandings and solve the problems.

I request Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Xi Jinping to talk about the issues you support and you oppose.

Using force against the feelings of the people of different nations, increasing anger of self and revenge will not solve the problems. Moreover, they will create a new set of problems. Then, the world will be uninhabitable.

So, we need a peaceful and beautiful solution.

I request Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Xi Jinping to take the other leaders of the nations with whom problems are related.

War will help no nation. It will only destroy the beauty and peace of the world.

I beg to you to give me a peaceful world.

USA and China are two super powers. You together can make or break a peace.

The United States of America is super power and big brother of the world economically with supreme intelligence of brain power.

China has great potential of talent. You have great influence on the countries with your business.

If the two super powers start world war, no one will want to lose the game. It means nuclear war and the total destruction of the world.

So, I request you to gift me a peaceful world.Only Peace, No War

Please, doing away with the adversities, make friends.

Please, start discussion 

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