An appeal to the people of China, India and Pakistan

An appeal to the people of China, India and Pakistan

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I Want to make an appeal to the people of China, India, and Pakistan. I am a common people like you. We should protest against war among us. The political leaders of the respective countries are not careful about the war. War kills innocent people like us. During war, Leaders go underground. So, it is not harmful to them. If a missile or nuclear bomb is thrown, we common people will be killed. We have to suffer much. War will also burnt us to ashes.

So, we must protest against the leaders wish of war. It will also destroy our lives. Anyone can be Chinese, you may be Pakistani, I can be Indian. A devastating bomb does not consider who is Pakistani, Indian or Chinese. It will only kill and destroy. We all are sons of  Almighty God. So, we should go all out to stop war. There is saying, ” Nation first, Individual Second.” If war takes place, it will be a nuclear war. A nuclear war means that India, Pakistan And China will be three pieces of brick. If there is no people living, what is the use of a nation.

Not only these three countries, but also the people of neighbouring countries will greatly be affected. I will be The THIRD WORLD WAR. It means that world will be in great danger. The common and poor people will face the most difficult problem. The most of the poor people of the world live in these three countries. But the rich and warmonger will not be spared. Because, a missile or a nuclear bomb cannot differentiate between the poor and the rich. It can only burn to ashes. So, we must prevent the warmonger of our own country. 

No war, only peace

I am Umasankar. I live in the world. So, my appeal………..

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