Pigeon’s nest (story)

Pigeon’s nest (story)

Author: Ajit Madhukar

A pigeon is the nest of every bird, which can actually be called a nest. But the pigeon’s nest is always made in an arbitrary manner, from which eggs can ever fall.

But what is the reason?

Its an interesting story.

Long time ago. Dove did not make his nest at that time. When the time came, his partner gave up on the ground gently and gave eggs.

One day a cunning fox consumed all the eggs and saved the eyes. The pigeon and pigeon-hearted eyes got tired. The dove fills the sky in the sky and takes the breath on the soft twigs of the bushes. Sister-Sisters, he said, there were six eggs, now no one is left. The fox steals all my eggs.

For many days, the pigeon continued to mourn over this incident. Lastly, he decided to make a nest. He gathered some straws. When collecting straws, he realized that he did not know how to make a nest. After all, he invited all the wild birds to learn to make nests.

Birds gather and make their nests and teach them. But the birds had just stalk some straws that the pigeon had stopped them. Said- I know how nests are made. He shouted loudly – I can make myself.

Someone can do his own work, then someone else will give them pain? The birds started flying down the straw.

The pigeon kept a straw on a sprig, on the second second, in such a way, he tried at every branch of the door, tried many times, but he could not make the nest.

So what to do now?

He again called all the birds and taught them to make nests. They all flew up and they started their work. But as soon as they met together half of the nest that the pigeon was again screaming- I know how it is formed. I can make myself

Well, you can make yourself, then make it. Why do we bother us? Birds said and flew away from there.

Pigeons got involved in their work. He placed a piece here, one at a distance. But nothing was possible for him. He called the birds for the third time, but this time they did not come.

Who thinks that he understands everything, then what benefit from teaching him something?

This is the reason that the pigeon’s nest is being made in an unsavory manner till date.

From: Ajit Madhukar

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Pigeon’s nest (story)

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Pigeon’s nest (story)

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Pigeon’s nest (story)

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