POEM-(Save your Goal){The sweet love poem}

Save your Goal  


Ninety minutes of play
Plus some extra time,
Opposition attacking
Our team retreating;
With 11 players in front
I am calm and relaxed,
Soon a ball cuts off all
And hit my head hard;
Ball bounced and it’s goal
My head starts paining,
The ball wakes up me
Stirs me up vigorously;
I get up on my feet
Ready again to retaliate,
Again the ball curls in
Succeed in stopping it.

People will attack you
Never stay relaxed,
You are all alone
Never trust anyone;
Your post is your family
You only have to save it,
90 minutes is your life
Make most of the time.

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The sweet love poem is the
one that gives you a good
feeling when you read it.
You almost smack your lips
because it tastes so good
in your mouth. Love is such
a powerful emotion that a
good love poem can taste
delicious in your mouth.
When you are one with your
lover it is a very sweet
feeling. There may be
chaos in all areas of your
life but when you come
home to the person that
you love the most in the
world, nothing else matters

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