Poetry about sadness/Parents’ hearts/broken heart

Poetry about sadness

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Poetry about sadness.
Feeling sad is no crime
although the world might
wish you to think so. All
the feelings in the world
never did anybody any
harm. It is our feelings
that make us human and
connect us to the rest of
humanity. When you feel
sad, it is important to give
yourself permission to feel
the sadness. Share your
feelings with someone who
has the sensitivity to give
you the space to let the
feeling fully be felt. Only
then can you begin to let

imagesA  Parents’ hearts

Parents work hard as smart as gods.
Using their thoughts like lords as well,
take care their child to smile and dwell;
losing their healths to sell somethings

broken heart


Tears of blood fall from my broken heart
I never thought we would be apart
When you held me you said “forever”
Now that you’re gone I know you meant “never”
Saying you love me with that look in your eye
And that was a cold hearted lie
Your tender touch, a soft kiss
Two things about you I will miss
As I sit here thinking about you
My face is wet with tears past due
I should’ve cried a long time ago
But I loved you so I know they say love is blind
But I had only you on my mind
A hurt so deep it cuts like a knife
But wounds heal and I’ll go on with my life

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