Why choose a private university over a public university

The emergence of private universities is a manifestation of the changing rules of education. Gone are the days when top percentile marks forced a student to live in a state of anxiety because they could not assure her a seat in a public university. Gone are  the days when parents scoffed at sending their wards to a private university because they were considered to be those for ‘leftover’ students. Truly, gone are those days….

The opening up of private universities

With overburdened, chaotic and highly competitive public universities, the time was ripe for the establishment of private universities to counter this stressed situation. In doing so, they have changed the way students are admitted, altered the way under which the institution is operated and transformed the way in which education is imparted.

Today, there are a number of private universities who back full-page advertisements with cutting-edge infrastructure and the sheer diversity of courses offered by them. the confidence in their approach speaks volumes of the fact that they have unlearnt the shortcomings of the typical graduate/undergraduate education system in India while relearning educational best practices offered by universities in the developed countries. This has been represented as a perfect counter to the sluggish public universities, many of which continue to reel under the bureaucracy of which continue to reel under the bureaucracy of successive administrations. Evidently then, the emergence of private universities is actually a case of the evolution of education and the changing rules of pedagogy, a sort of ‘software’ that is wiring the brick-and-mortar institutions differently.

Are you the new Indian student?

Enrollment at a private university was often the final resort among students who failed to get an admission card in a public university. However today, the transformation has been such that students who come to a private university are considered to be the ones who have decided to take their destiny in their own hands and be active participants in their educational journey.

Indeed, a pertinent question is being asked: why has education not been able to keep pace with the world of today that is very different from the world of yesterday? Private universities hope to secure the answer by offering refreshments in their pedagogy, providing a large number of amenities like state-of-the-art laboratories, well-equipped digital libraries, a number of recreational facilities and, in general, campuses that inspire learning, creativity and collaboration.

Yet another factor by which private universities are scoring over their public counterparts is in their ability to provide and promote interdisciplinary learning, akin to the liberal arts program offered by universities abroad. For instance, engineering students can learn English literature or political history, thus opening up their horizons to newer useful perspectives, while also ensuring that they can simultaneously pursue their interests without feeling boxed-in by the rigidity of the conventional education system. Thus, the appeal of the private university has been nurtured to cater to the demands of the new Indian student.

Private universities going places with placements

For a large number of students – and even their parents, one of the first questions that dictate their choice of university is whether it offers good placement. While a university that has built a strong brand for itself will attract quality recruiters, what ultimately matters is if the student is ‘fit’ for particular job profile.

Interestingly, most private universities not only offer placement-friendly professional courses, they also have a full-fledged placement cell that is anchored on convincing prospective employers of the benefits of hiring well-rounded individuals rather than merely those who specialize in a particular field. In a world that is constantly evolving, corporate are seeing value in hiring individuals who have been exposed to a multi-disciplinary milieu. Moreover, private universities are also increasingly establishing well-equipped incubation centers to demonstrate their confidence among those who might want to pursue entrepreneurship.

In addition, there is also an emerging brand awareness of private universities as they use airtime to promote themselves while also becoming renowned on the basis of their ownership structure. Some large Indian corporate groups with illustrious track record have ventured into the field of education and they are driving best practices and promoting the culture of excellence that is, in turn, attracting a steady stream of students.

A new route to education

A number of private universities are promoting worldwide student exchange programs that are aimed to provide participants with a more immersive learning experience outside the four walls of the classroom. Besides, students can hope to learn sitting in the lush campus lawns or enjoy a steaming cup of coffee in the pool. Welcome to the private university, a new route to education!

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