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Very minor but extremely important facts!!

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  • In case of any accident, severe injury or a medical emergency, rush to hospital. If there is no such facility available, contact any doctor nearby immediately.

  • Self-medication is a common practice in our country when it comes to treating minor issues. But if your problem is not getting resolve, then ignoring it would be inappropriate. Getting treatment at the right time often resolves the disease swiftly.

  • It is true that through natural mode of treatment, many complicate diseases can be cured without surgery. Therefore, avail only those treatments which are recognized by the Government of India, like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, Homoeopathy and Sidda. Trusting unrecognized treatment methodologies like Colour therapy, Phytomedicine, magnet therapy, etc in serious diseases may adversely affect your health too.

  • Unrecognized treatment systems like Colour therapy, Phytomedicine, Magnet therapy, etc are approve neither by the Indian Government nor globally, because such treatments do not have any scientific basis. Hence, serious and complicated diseases should not be treated through these.

  • Nowadays, there are some organizations who in order to establish their unrecognized treatment systems seek the help of some minor institutions in America or England and deceive people. (Doctor’s advice)

  • Natural treatment is highly efficacious in addressing problems like Joint pain, Piles, Asthma, Type-II Diabetes and Skin ailments. But it takes some time to yield results. Hence, one must have patience while undertaking treatment.

  • It must be note that treamtnet has to be taken only from a qualified and registered medical practitioner in the field of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani or Homoeopathy who is an alumnus of a government-recognized medical college. You will find many who are not qualified doctors but claim to cure incurable diseases using supernatural powers, or may even pretend to be scientists. It would be illogical to believe such claims.

  • To undertake your treatment, make sure that the medicines given to your have been approved by the Drug Control of India. Furthermore, never forget to collect the purchase bill of the prescribed medicines.

  • Some people say that surgery is very much harmful, which is absolutely not true. There are many patients who want to avoid operation. And in most cases, their ailments even get resolved through natural treatment. But in case your condition is so serious that it is not getting resolved even through appropriate treatment, surgery may be resorted to after consultation with a trustworthy specialist.

Naturoveda salutes all sincere and honest doctors!

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Ayurveda, Unani and Yoga can help resolve various chronic and complicated diseases from the root


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