South India has witnessed unprecedented growth of educational institutes in the last few decades making it rank high. Because South India has provided all requisites of a successful life for students

South India has scaled new heights in higher education with students from across the country. Institutes catering to students need for knowledge through not only technical and general courses but also vocational training has made attaining degrees in their preferred field easy. Students have a plethora of options for courses, state-of-the-art facilities at the institutes and global standards of teaching.

Since every student looks forward to a fulfilling career, higher education is of utmost importance in their lives. So a state that brings to them all the requisites of a successful life ranks high. Karnataka, kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu make the mark when students choose their destination for studies and a corporate life. South India has such a robust higher education structure.

The southern state of Karnataka has always been a flourishing state ever since the time of the great kings of India. It has been an important trade centre. And in the modern world, the gateway to the information technology wave that made our country an important education and career hub. Bangalore has had a very high level of educational setup right from the schools to the great colleges and universities. The city of Bangalore along with the erstwhile princely city of Mysore, Mangalore, Manipal and Bidar has been the prominent pillars. They have sustained the educational structure of Karnataka. Bangalore is India’s third most populated city and is quite popular as India’s information technology sector. It is also amongst the top 10 favoured industrial places in the world. Bangalore is also today home to some of the best and popular institutions and colleges in India. Bangalore has the major chunk of top institutes in Karnataka, whether it is for management or engineering or medical studies.

Management education is a big education stream. It makes students flock to Karnataka since it has emerged as a prominent knowledge destination in India. The state has witnessed unprecedented growth of educational institutes in the last three-four decades. Today, the state has reputed institutions for education in almost every discipline. It includes medical, engineering, management, law, linguistics and social science. 

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